Koshmar has entered the plane in Kiev. He was happy. He took his designated seat and found out that there is nice, big and very old babushka right next to him (around 70 years old, with golden teeth). Unfortunately, she... was kind of smelly too. Koshmar did not make any big statement about this. He just went to flight attendant and has asked her very politely to find a different seat for him. Flight attendant agreed, promptly found another free seat and, disappeared (after all, that was Ukrainian flight). Still happy, Koshmar took the new seat and, balancing between desire to sleep and going to the lavatory, chose a second option first.

The little did he know – meanwhile, two Hasidic Jewish Good People were having an important and very long conversation somewhere (may be at another lavatory) about, may be, some very god-bless-you things... and, (while Koshmar was in his lavatory prayers), they came back to their seats (one of those seats now belonged to Koshmar)........

Then, there was a little dialogue between two parties... Koshmar said excuse me, but I am sitting here. Good people started to defend their territory strong.. Koshmar repeated his claim for the seat - Good people stood well and even asked if Koshmar was threatening them... Koshmar at that point said he was not, added couple universally understood expressions, and has left the ocupied-in-question territory - back to his beloved babushka with golden teeth (gases have stopped at that time and she was kind of fresh again). ... Being a good boy, Koshmar did help babushka with the language barrier when exiting from the plain, as well as with her wheelchair. At the lane of passport control Koshmar was caressing a picture of a cigarette in his mind. But he was delusional...... About 50 feet from him, two GOOD AMERICAN loonies showed up again yelling across all JFK and pointing their blessed fingers at Koshmar: "YEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRREST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Which brought down to the scene 5 New York finest police officers. Needless to say, they have had a long and very private conversation with dha Good people. (After having a conversation, the Good people left immediately - I guess because of Sabbath...) Police guys approached Koshmar and have asked him to follow them. He did not refused. Than, the FBI guy showed up - very hard working individual with penetrating look.

After 3 hours, he has finally made it possible to explain Koshmar his rights. Also, he was kind enough to tell Koshmar what he actually has done on the plain: Koshmar was screaming there "lets kill all the Jews!" various propaganda... and, finally, he has actually pushed one of the Good people though the guy got knocked down to the floor.... The whole accident has been confirmed by the plane pilot, who agreed to be a witness (even he was busy operating the plane)...

Koshmar has listened to the true story and, in return, has offered another one: two guys have locked Koshmar inside the lavatory and, pressing his face against the Kabbalah book, tried to convert him to the Communist party... After this story, the FBI guy has finally made a decision to let Koshmar go... However, he has warned Koshmar that he is now on the FBI record and must make sure this kind of accidents would never happen with him again – otherwise he will be arrested for sure.

At last exiting from JFK terminal and looking at the pitch-black night skies of the Great Land of Freedom, Koshmar lit up a cigarette and said to himself – GOOD... I DO NOT LIVE HERE ANYMORE...

BIG BANG! Твою Мать! Стану Девочкой Опять!

LHC - the Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic particle accelerator underground near Geneva, could re-create the very moment 13 billion years ago when scientists believe a tremendous explosion known as the "big bang" created the universe...

Ну что ж, - перекрестилась бабушка... - может девочкой опять стану...
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День Рожденья - ВЕСЕЛЫЙ ПРАЗДНИК:)))

Zheka Koshmar Birthday Concert

You've got to be there cuz it's gonna be rockin'!!!

Start Time: Sunday, August 3, 2008 at 6:00pm
End Time: до упада:)))

Location: Downhouse Lounge
Street: 250 Avenue X (close to McDonald Av)
City/Town: Brooklyn, NY